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Now that’s grown folks music, whatchu know about that??? For some reason that question is always raised when the conversation is focused around grown folks music. If you think about it "What do “you” know about grown folks music?!?" is actually a really great question. For one thing, grown folks music isn’t simply about a bygone era.. Neither is it a “predictable” portrait of music. Plain and simple, Grown folks music is all about good music, period.

Being a pro-artist entity, the objective of Grown Folks Music is to bridge gaps……………..Through innovative technology and services, we want to take the lead in joining artists with their fans.. We want to tell the “true” stories behind the hits connecting the audience on a much deeper level than was previously possible.

Grown Folks Music has made this possible through an innovative site structure based on the unique & evolving needs of businesses, artists, and of course, the loyal fans of this good music. Our industry folk will find a database of artists, EPKs, and industry toolkits at their disposal in our business portal. For fans, we offer plenty of music & reviews, a growing community, plus opportunities to become contributors and GFM-certified gurus. And for our artists, we offer a space for you to grow your fanbase, share your music, and talk one on one to the people who were at your last show, in addition to artist toolkits and consulting on how to market yourself in this genre.

So, for those who thought good music blew out with the blue light, allow Grown Folks Music to transport you off the beaten path, beyond the narrow streams of commercialism. As we present the best in music's past, present and future, we must also provide a few words of caution: This site may cause prolonged episodes of rhythmic dancing coupled with superb melodies that play repeatedly in your mind. This is what happens when you have a team devoted to providing it's audience with only the choice musical cuts (you know the kind that sticks to your ribs) .

But don’t fight it! Let us feed your soul!!! Welcome to Grown Folks Music!!!

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