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Providence, RI

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Grüvis Malt was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1995. Grüvis Malt has released a total of seven full-length albums, one of which was released under Lakeshore Entertainment subsidiary Lakeshore Records, and three EPs. The other albums were released independently under Grüvis Malt's self-run label, Integers Only.

Grüvis Malt is known for their blending of genres (progressive rock, hip hop, jazz, and funk) and intense songwriting. They are the self-proclaimed founders of the "futurock" genre, which features a blending of irregular time signatures (like math rock), unconventional chord progressions, and abnormal song structure. Because of this blending of many genres of music, Gruvis Malt is sometimes called a "musician's band."

The group stopped touring in 2005, after the release of their last album, Maximum Unicorn, in order to pursue solo projects and tangible income.

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