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Los Angeles, CA.

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Geoffrey S. McNeil, Founder of GSM Entertainment, is a product of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Film School. Over the past 15 years as Executive Producer and Creative Director of GSM Entertainment, Geoffrey has traveled the world directing and producing over a hundred professional projects, including: Commercials, Television Segments & Pilots, Music Videos, Documentaries, Promos, Motion Graphics Animations, and Concert DVD’s. His work has been seen on NBC, MTV, Horror Channel (UK), Much Music, Music Video Heaven, and New Zealand on Air. He has won numerous Aegis and Telly Awards, and several of his DVD productions have been distributed internationally. With a focus on artistry, innovation, and evolving technologies, Geoffrey produces projects for world famous musicians, record labels, film & TV production companies, advertising agencies, international organizations, politicians, ballot measures, as well as major corporate brands like Playboy Energy Drink, Guitar Center, DW Drums, and Pioneer Electronics. In 2011, he was selected by Sony Professional Video to be a ‘Featured Director’ on their website Videon. Geoffrey was also featured as the "Guerrilla Film Warrior" painted by legendary artist Mear One on the cover of the 2012 Creative Handbook.

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