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I have always considered myself an audio guy.
But now I have a camera and I seem to be a film guy.

At least these days.


  1. Karen Abad
  2. Michigan Motion Buds
  3. Live & Breathing
  4. Motto Films
  5. Fleet Foxes
  6. Philip Bloom
  7. Cole Cassell
  8. Sixthman TV
  9. Cristina Valdivieso + Jon Connor
  10. Honest Bros.
  11. Elektron Music Machines
  12. Critter & Guitari
  13. Daniel Michael Gahr
  14. Bridget Robb
  15. Stacie Brennan
  16. Hoag Man
  17. Phive
  18. The Belmont Sessions

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  1. This is beautiful! Well done. Which camera preset do you start with when grading the Inspire footage with filmconvert?