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I am a professional live video performer or VJ. I enjoy the rhythm, the music and the powerful images. I generate original visual content to mix live. I am mostly interested in narrative Vj and constantly searching for my own visual code trying new techniques and experimenting with new elements.

I investigate about VJ theory and try to understand more our language. For me it is important to not only play but understand the theory around Vj. This is why I investigate and write about VJ theory with other people. I invite you to read our blog

I am also starting a project of visual woman collaborations called "Señoritasdetal".

Co-working with different artists is important to create a complete event and a unique experience for the spectator.
I am looking forward to work with musician, theater companies, net labels, dance companies, event planners, videoclip, artists or whomever is interested with a video performance or VJ artist.

Do you want a coffee?

Take a look at my webpage to see the result of my personal evolution since 2009.

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