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Guillaume Guérin stopped believing in the images he sees and the representations they convey for to him they have lost their objectivity and thus decided to focus on the abstract aspect of the Image. He opposes two concepts: the Symbol and the Antisymbol, and it is the latest that guides his work in photography and video. He chose these two artistic media for their complementarity, on one hand the still image and on the other the moving image.

His work opens debate and reflection on the place of the mind in front of the Image which has become ubiquitous, intoxicating and both its creation and interpretation seem to be standardized. His reflection is in line with French essayist Paul Virilio’s approach.

Guillaume Guérin’s abstract works aim to pull to pieces Image’s automated perceptions, break conditioning and shake our insight. His art attempts to appeal to our visual instinct so we ask ourselves what do I see? and thus how do I position myself? for these essential questions have been taken away by the «culte de l’instant».

The ‘movement-image’ enabling variation, he shares his experimental approach of the Image through video. Moreover, he rejects narrative and demonstrative schemes in his creative process. It’s by not representing them that his videos denounce nowadays society’s Image connotations.

His photographs, still images, could be described as pictograms of his video production: they are abstract seized from reality.

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