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Guerrilla Waltz is the focal point where music and filmmaking catch fire. We're an Austin based video group who try and create very intimate and natural video collaborations with music artists we enjoy.

Built on the foundation of the "Take-Away" revolution, GW is attempting to add to an already blossoming movement of new, artistic and interesting ways to film music.

GW is founded by: Bill Guzik, Dillon Davies, Chase Honaker

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  1. Christopher Murphy
  2. Helio + Company
  3. Let Us Roam
  4. Dieter Galvan
  5. Good Luck Sir
  6. Czlowiek Kamera
  7. Danny Yount
  8. nathanael vorce
  9. Richie Schalin
  10. Ryan Padgett
  11. Bob Peck
  12. Reed Smith
  13. John (not so) Strong
  14. The Delivery Men
  15. The Delivery Men
  16. Metaxy Films
  17. Be Lie All
  18. Jordan Fish

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