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I'm a regular human being trying to thrive on our beautiful planet and in our amazing Universe. I am bedazzled by the amazing creation around us.

My believes are simple: Try to dream your dreams, live your dreams and create something positive. To leave a positive live behind is my goal. A legacy that one and others can be proud of.

Law of Attraction: I truly believe in the "law of attraction" and if you do good to others, good will come back. That is not something religious, nor do I belong to some fantasy cult, but I do believe that this "law" is around us. We are all connected with our energy field, you might call it the "aura". There are many names out there, but I believe "the code" shows the Toris of this Universe being all around us. For as long as there is this amazingly fast growing Universe with Billions of galaxies in it, each holding Hundreds of Millions of solar systems, each consisting of Billions of stars we are supposed to thrive in our mankind. Yet, we are not. We are consumed by negative energy, by corporate "world" and by many controlling lies.

I came to this conclusion a few years ago, but it took me another half a decade to truly understand it. I did Corporate America, from being a managing part at a major pharmaceutical company to motor vehicle business I found fulfillment in the art and creative world. Photography, videography, producing documentary movies, short movies, feature films and creating a film festival - I think I found what I was looking for. Combing art with business.

Have you found your "bliss". Are you happy in your work environment, life, partnership and future goals? If not, it's time to change. Don't be afraid of change, change simply means you are thriving. Look at is as a challenge to do better. Set your goals high but realistically reachable. Try to do something in your life (business or private) that makes you happy, 'cause then you thrive even more.

Get out there and make yourself "smart" on how this globe works. You get bombarded with news on a daily base, we live in a micro-message decade and everything is being twittered, blogged or facebooked. Don't get confused and pick out what's important for you to learn and analyse. Coming from a "corporate - high risk and exclusive" work field you should believe me when I say "not everything is at it seams". Your eyes are being clouded with "crab" and "non-sense". The media is a mere tool for the 1% elite on the planet to feed you what "they want you to believe".

I don't believe in conspiracies, matter of fact when you truly look at all the information out there, coming from many sources/people there are many treacheries. Yes, some things are far fetch, but that's not the point. Just because you cannot believe that something like that could be going on, doesn't mean it is not going on. Think about it. Most collusions and schemes out there sound so fantastic that most people shy away and say "bunch of bs....conspiracies...". Really? What.... just because CNN, Fox, BBC and others don't talk about it? So why do so many governments in the world spend Billions, yes Billions, in hiding things, in denying things and making the infowar people look insane? Why do agencies all over the world raid scientists laboratories whenever they come close to something that threatens the large banks, oil companies, food companies, pharma industries or the Federal Reserve Bank (which by the way is not federal or governmental, but owned by several private families....)

Why are we so controlled about our money, our jobs, our foods and get poisoned by news, marketing and yes...even food/pharma? So you think HAARP, chem-trails and pharma conspiracies (like the award winning movie "Positively False" proves about the invention of AIDS/HIV) is all just a bunch of crab? Or you don't think the NWO (New World Order) is not real? So why does Bush, Hilary Clinton and now even Obama openly admit they are members of the NWO?

Once you understand the system and how the world works, you can step out of it and start thriving. The solutions are out there. I am going to constantly update this page and bring you solutions that will make you change. I don't invent that stuff myself, I also get it from other sources that I investigate and then follow. Like Foster Gamble is an unbelievable person, yes "Gamble" as in a direct descendant of the Proctor & Gamble empire. He realized that major things are wrong and he wants to change it with the Thrive Movement.

I have my own blogs about things that bother me. You can find it with the provocative name My G Spot by clicking here. On my blog I talk about less profound issues than thriving. I talk about the CO2 hoax, upcoming ice age or why it's non sense to buy an electric car just yet (until finally someone can release the toris-full-free energy generator without being assassinated first.....)

If you look at the world's history and wonder why the Sumarians, Inkas, Mayas, Greeks, Egyptians and many other mankind race has vanished, don't look to far, look at what is going on today and then you see why our civilization is doomed if we don't get together and thrive together.

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