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Guillermo Alejandro was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Early on he developed a passion for Art and Cinema. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts were he obtained a BFA from Tufts University and continued to pursue his MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University. He has been presented with numerous Awards and Nominations including: Best Experimental Short Film at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Film & Video Annual (2004), Official Selection at The Boston Cinema Census IV (2004), Mix Film Festival (2003), San Juan Cinema Fest (2006), 15th Annual Roxbury International Film Festival (2005), and the Boston Latino International Film Festival (2005). Furthermore, Guillermo worked for Academy Award Nominee Director Jacobo Morales and currently teaches Screenwriting, Film Production, Video Production, Cinema Theory, New Media and Thesis Seminar at The School of Fine Arts of San Juan, PR. On August 2009 Guillermo, along with his wife and partner Eunice Soto-Ralat founded the Puerto Rico Film Society with the mission to promote and educate audiences in the Seventh Art. The Puerto Rico Film Society has been extremely successful, partnering with international film organizations such as Sundance Institute and The Global Film Initiative to provide access to independent films on the island.




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