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  1. Vietnam

    by Places We Go joined

    6 Videos 4 Members

  2. Vietnam

    by minhanhvoyage joined

    43 Videos 17 Members

    Vietnam videos

  3. 5D Mark III

    by Andy Newman joined

    1,270 Videos 340 Members

    Showcasing videos shot exclusively on the Canon 5D Mark III.

  4. Vimeo España

    by Rafael Asquith joined

    629 Videos 219 Members

    Si eres español, hablas español o te gusta España, este es tu grupo. Solo buenos vídeos :)

  5. Spain

    by Arpad Varszegi joined

    308 Videos 67 Members

  6. Barcelona - Movies made in...

    by Wolfgang Gabler joined

    864 Videos 269 Members

    Please add anything related to Barcelona here... Agregue cualquier cosa relacionada con Barcelona aquí, por favor! http://vidFame.com

  7. Barcelona

    by dabnotu joined

    86 Videos 37 Members

    Videos made in Barcelona. Categories: Experimental, Everyday Life. No SPAMs, HOAXes or (strictly) commercial works. Please. (It's easy enough to make your own group, you know... ;-) Thanks. Peace

  8. New York

    by Horsefly Productions joined

    116 Videos 38 Members

  9. New York

    by MooJooBee joined

    163 Videos 67 Members

    Anything and everything New York State

  10. New York City

    by john marchan joined

    2,415 Videos 812 Members

    New York City - all videos that were recorded of New York City and the vicinities around it.

  11. Denmark

    by Håkan Dahlström joined

    39 Videos 23 Members

    Videos shot in Denmark. Welcome.


    by Lasse Underbjerg joined

    230 Videos 77 Members

    For filmmakers based in Copenhagen, Denmark. A place to be inspired, share and discuss videos, and who knows, maby you'll find the help you need for your next film.

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