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Most people call me goOse my dogs call me boss. Always looking to fuel a passion that is a never ending exploration of our human experience. goOsefilms inc. is my video production company in Calgary, Canada. I filmed a documentary for television titled " River People the Blue Nile Expedition". A follow up documentary "Kadoma" was filmed in 2011. Both documentaries feature my best friend and expedition leader Hendri Coetzee who was tragically taken by a crocodile in the Congo during the filming of "Kadoma". This has awoken me to the fact that today is all we have. Before I used to just say it and hear it. But the more I learn about myself and trying to figure out my purpose the more interesting life becomes. Sometimes with good results and sometimes with bad results for answers. My current passion for creative ways to express myself has lead me to begin exploring photography as a form of visual communication.

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