Gustavo Graef Marino

Santiago, Chile & LA, California

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Gustavo took the independent film scene by storm in the 90's with his very original and highly acclaimed take on post-Pinochet Chile with "Johnny 100 Pesos". The film became Chile's highest grossing movie and was selected as its official candidate for both the "Best Foreign Language Film" category in the 1993 Academy Awards, as well as the Spanish Goya Awards that same year. Domestically, the film premiered at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival where it became an instant success and was commercially released in the US to rave reviews from the indie press. Crowning its success, the film was invited to participate in A-list festivals such as Tokyo International Film Festival, New Directors New Films at the MOMA in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Aspen, San Sebastian, Munich, London, Stockholm, V'iennale, Sydney, Rio; and winning numerous awards including the Chilean film critics' Best Movie of the Year and 1st place at the "Mystery Film Festival" in Italy. "Johnny" went on to obtain worldwide distribution.

His prestige as an international filmmaker has also led Gustavo to become President of the Jury of the Latin American Cinema Award at the Sundance Film Festival 1999, as well as Director of the School for Film and Television at UNIACC University in Santiago, Chile.

Gustavo's desire to become a filmmaker started at an early age. After attending law school at the prestigious Universidad Catolica in Chile, he left to pursue his film career as a student at the highly selective and celebrated Munich Film and Television University in Germany, where he spent five years studying alongside students like directors Roland Emmerich and Wim Wenders. He remained in Germany for over 15 years where he developed a career as a screenwriter and director, beginning with films such as "Filming with Douglas Sirk" -a documentary for German TV about the master of melodrama in Hollywood, featuring the late great post-war German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Gustavo also worked on several TV series before writing and directing his first English language feature, "The voice", with esteemed British actors such as Jon Finch and Suzanna Hamilton, and late rock star Ian Dury.

After Chile's military dictatorship in Chile ended, Gustavo returned to his homeland to write, produce and direct "Johnny 100 Pesos". With this success under his belt he was invited to work in the United States and offered his first American feature "Diplomatic Siege" starring Darryl Hannah, Peter Weller and Tom Berenger. His second American film "Instinct to kill" features martial arts star Mark Dacascos.

Gustavo has most recently been directing, writing and producing greatly admired big budget movies for Chilean TV like "Balmaceda," for which he won the Altazor Television award in the best drama category. His next TV movie "Prat" reached a record audience in that country. His latest work was in 2012, a ten episodes period mini-series, "Cobre", which received rave reviews.

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