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Guy was born in Italy in 1978 from an American mother and an Italian father.

He received a degree in Communication Science from an Italian university and later completed a two-year professional photography course in Milan.

Since 2004 Guy's work has been focused on social issues. He has worked extensively in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eastern Congo, Darfur and Sri Lanka.

In 2006 Guy moved to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, where he humbly explored the country’s social dynamics at every level, from the small sub cultures in its larger cities to the changing lives of rural communities whose social structures have been so dramatically altered in the last century.

At the same time, he had the opportunity to travel across the continent as a contributor to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair and L’Espresso. He was one of the few journalists to cover the 2006 Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, a country that he visited six times between 2006 and 2008.

While living in Ethiopia Guy developed a greater appreciation for his role as a documentary photographer working in a developing country. He decided to produce work that would help balance the contrast between the realities of the cultures and how they are portrayed in the mainstream media, a gap that too often leads to harmful misunderstandings and stereotypes.

In mid 2009 Guy moved to New York where he will live for 4 years while his wife completes her postgraduate studies in Public Health and Non Profit Management at Columbia and NYU.

While living in New York, Guy is focusing on contrasts in America, a country with enormous concentrated wealth and disarming poverty and despair.

After living for almost one year with American paratroopers in South Eastern Afghanistan in 2005, Guy has decided to embark in a long-term project to visually describe his thoughts on the American occupation of the country. Since 2010, Guy has spent 4 months in the country’s Kunar province.

A network of agents represent Guy, including: Focus Agentur; Luz Photos; Cosmos Photos; and Agency.Photographer.Ru.

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