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Guy Richards is the founder and business scientist of a brand development firm based on the coast of Southern New Jersey. Over the last 10 years Guy has analyzed 112 brands, interviewed 268 executive leaders, and surveyed 1,567 customers and frontline staff. Through this process Guy has developed the BrandReturn® Testing Methodology, that connects the internal and external alignment of a business to the market position it occupies in it’s segment. Guy has coined the term “Talkable” to describe the key factor of his methodology. The “talkable” factor, when possessed by a business, is what takes them from a $100,000 a year company to a $1,000,000, or from a $1,000,000 a year company to a $50,000,000.

He has received numerous awards due to the BrandReturn® Testing Methodology, including 3 clients being able to make such a transformation that they have been ranked on the Top 100 Global Rebrand Awards by ReBrand.

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