Ismail Anil Guzelis

Izmir, Turkey

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I had started my academic career in a technical high school in my hometown Izmir , Turkey. At university I studied in Anadolu University, Fine Art Faculty, Graphic Design, Eskisehir. In 2010, I went to Germany as an exchange student and I studied in Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden. During that period I had a chance to be a part of The Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of Aids Awareness Posters and Good50x70 2009. After I graduaded wtih my diplom project, Synchroframe, Projection Mapping, I went to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for work experience in andrews:degen design studio.

At the end of the university times, with a futurist mentality I more focused on GUI design, motion graphic and experience design. I had experience with video mapping project in Istanbul. I worked with Nerdworking Crew with many projects, as a motion graphic artist and storyboard artist. Right now I am working with Arsnovamedia as an Art Director for Screen Design Projects, an advertising agency from Wiesbaden, Germany.

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