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Tampa, Florida

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Pete Guzzo should be described as a creative with many visions.

Never wanting to be placed inside a creative box, always looking to expand his horizons, and forever seeking more challenges, Pete Guzzo has forged an eclectic career behind the camera.

He succeeds as an Executive Creative and Director winning numerous awards and has become ago-to-guy for Florida non-profits in need of quality PSAs.

His independent film genres have encompassed comedies, dramas, horror, children's stories, action, sports and documentaries, each being showcased and winning awards around the world.

Pete Guzzo's secret is his ability to see beyond the words on the script. Each story is about the people. He delves into the back story of every person in the story, whether a major character in a film or a bit player in a PSA.

His people skills are perhaps best demonstrated through his community leadership. He is the co-founder of a Jolt Production (pairing and teaching novice filmmakers with local nonprofits who have media needs.)

He was also on the founding board of the Gasparilla Film Festival and has led numerous film and commercial directing classes.

For more information or to see additional content not listed on this site please contact Pete Guzzo via this site or at

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