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From the frozen taiga of Gällivares woodlands rises the mountain Dundret. Around the mountain a few young men gathered in the early nineties to snowboard. They glanced at each other from a distance and slowly approached each other in the humble manner of northern Swedish customs. This was the seed of what was to become the legendary snowboard crew Gälka Warriors.

Trough the years these young men would experience a lot together. With Gällivare and Dundret as a platform they would travel the world. Mountains would be mastered, stickers and t-shirts printed, movies made, competitions arranged. Parties would be started and get out of hand. Things like friendship and experience would be made and things like furniture and young limbs would break.

But something would stay intact trough the years and that was the perspective the mountain had given them, there friendship. And the legend of the Gälka Warriors that preceded them through out the country and the world.

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