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David O. Weissman is an independent documentary director/producer. His current project is about Chinese traditional musical instruments, as taught by Sherlyn Chew and her music coaches at Laney College. His previous film, "Lean on Me: The Power of Peers", focused on peer counseling programs in the San Francisco Unified School District. David's day job involves managing film editing and animation projects at Video Arts, Inc. (vidarts.com)
in San Francisco.
David has worked on a variety of feature films and documentaries for
broadcast, web, and theatrical release
since the late 1980s. Some of these films have been Academy Award nominees & winners, including "The Blood of Yingzhou District ", and "Daughter from Danang."
Some of his recent editorial management projects are "The Storm that Swept Mexico", a 2 hour history of the Mexican Revolution that recently aired on PBS, and "The Pixar Story", a documentary about the Emeryville-based animation studio, seen in the context of the technical evolution of film animation from 1900 to the present day. In addition to managing the process of film editing, he has been an
instructor at Bay Area Video Coalition and a writer for Digital Video Magazine.