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Gyre is an experimental electronics trio in Seattle, formed by Michael Shannon, David Stanford, and Carl Lierman in January of 2012.

Our working method relies on the use of non-standard configurations of a wide cross- section of analog and digital electronics. We each create discrete circuits between these elements that, while they can sustain sonic form, are not always stable. Sounds generated entirely with oscillators, internal and external feedback circuits, simple sound generators, microphone captures, digital processing, forming swirling loops of sound layers.

To date, we have performed live in several extremes including the Seattle Center's World’s Fair 50th Anniversary series "Unexpected Arts".

Our work is informed by the concept of the gyre, the conical helix or spiral of atmospheric phenomena, and the ideas explored by W.B Yeats. Yeats’ vision of the gyre described it as cycles of creation and disintegration that he used to analyze a variety of subjects from human consciousness to historical patterns.

Performers (alphabetical)

Carl Lierman Is a Seattle based visual artist and sound composer. His work has been heard in Iancu Dumitrescu's 1st Annual Computer Music Festival in Bucharest, and the Center on Contemporary Art's People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too.

Michael Shannon Composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, recording artist, and founding member of Seattle’s multi-media Aono Jikken Ensemble, member of the Animist Orchestra.

David Stanford First instrument was saxophone. Began theory lessons, piano lessons, and self- instruction on guitar several years later. Graduated Cornish College of the Arts (B.M., 2000). Has played with Gamelan Pacifica, Seattle City Gamelan, animist orchestra, and has collaborated with a number of different choreographers and video artists. Current focus is on playing natural objects, amplification/electronics, and (when access permits) prepared piano.

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