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H1PNUZ (pronounced Hip-Nuts) is a global project, which was simultaneously initiated in the suburbs of Southern & Western Germany and on the streets of Shanghai by a likeminded group of Skaters, Ballers, DJ´s, MC´s and Taggers at the beginning of this century. It quickly started to spread around the globe and is now present in different countries, such as Germany, France, USA, Australia, Italy, and China. Its goal is to set up a unique platform for creatives and athletes of different backgrounds, nationalities, origins and roots to allow an exchange of ideas and thoughts to further enable a common development of a flourishing urban culture.

H1PNUZ(发音为Hip-Nuts)是个全球化的项目,最早是由本世纪初德国郊区的小规模的Skaters, Ballers, DJs, MCs, Taggers创建的,很快开始传播到全球,现在已经在很多国家出现了,比如德国,法国,美国,澳大利亚和中国,目标是为不同背景,国籍,来历,出生的艺术家和运动员创造一个独特的平台,能够交换意见和想法并进一步为繁盛的城市文化带来共同发展,更多信息请访问 weibo.com/H1PNUZ

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