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  1. Nicolaus Wegner

    Nicolaus Wegner Plus Wyoming


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    I'm a landscape photographer specializing in wild and beautiful nature imagery, both still and time lapse. Feel free to contact me for licensing info regarding my time lapses or photography. Also available for commercial/advert time lapse or photography projects. Willing to travel. www.lightalivephotography.com https://www.facebook.com/LightalivePhotography https://plus.google.com/+Lightalivephotography/about

  2. Poul Jensen

    Poul Jensen Fairbanks, Alaska


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    Space Physics grad student... could have finished already if it wasn't for way too much procrastination and playing around with camera gear.

  3. Tom Lowe

    Tom Lowe PRO somewhere worshipping T Malick


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    Just completed my first film "TimeScapes": http://timescapes.org If you would like to hire me or license my clips, you can reach me at http://timescapes.org/contact_us.aspx http://instagram.com/dreamcoretom

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