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Halim Rahim is a self taught artist, graphic designer and photographer. Halim began exploring creative disciplines―graphic arts, brand identity, architecture and industrial design―since he was 13 years old. His parents were art teachers and artists. At 16, he started exploring photography with a manual 35mm SLR camera, given by his uncle. The camera was love at first sight!

He studied briefly at MARA Institute of Technology Malaysia and University of Central Arkansas, USA. Prior to and after studying, he has held numerous positions in design and advertising agencies as a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Art Director and Creative Director. Halim was also involved in TV and film productions as an actor, assistant director and production crew.

In 2004, he founded PILLARgraphics, a creative boutique specialising in creative solutions—graphic design, conceptual advertising, brand architecture and interactive arts—for local, regional and international clientele.

In 2010, he decided to revert to his roots by setting up another creative extension—Halim Rahim Fine Photography—offering professional photography services apart from his labor of love for fine art photography.

Halim now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife and two kids.

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