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  1. 27:46

    Keyshia Ka'oir - Building the Brand Documentary Series

    by Halo Media Entertainment

    3 Videos

    Model and entrepreneur, Keyshia Ka'oir (formally known as Keyshia Dior) opens up about her journey from being a model/video vixen to giving birth to her new cosmetic line, all in just one year.…

  2. 00:00

    Luxurious underGrind Campaign

    by Halo Media Entertainment

    4 Videos

    Produced and filmed by Jude Charles Luxurious underGrind is a transmedia music program showcasing some of the best musical talents across the nation that may get overlooked by mainstream radio…

  3. 06:15

    Jude Charles, filmmaker

    by Halo Media Entertainment

    11 Videos

    I am not defined by who I've worked for, but the work I've done - Jude Charles

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    Y100 Jingle Ball 2010

    by Halo Media Entertainment

    0 Videos

    The 2010 Y100 Jingle Ball Concert in Miami, FL featuring B.O.B., Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, and Flo-Rida

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