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HAM Fam (aka HAM Crew, the Hamericans, Hamateur Hour, slammaHAMadingdong) is a three-state collective of hamateur athletes and photographers who refuse to admit they're anywhere past their prime. Beginning in the early 1990s, the Fam assembled in the beautiful state of Wisconsin and has been growing in many ways ever since. The Fam has been producing mediocre video content since the mid-2000s to very little fanfare, including a three-time second place finish in the highly acclaimed Laacke & Joys Winter Film Festival. In their college years, the Fam began to branch out, producing short edits of other X-TREME sports including cliff jumping, figure skating, skateboarding, drinking, water sports, hiking, being tourists, and other forms of douchebaggery. Tired of watching younger, "hipper" groups buy expensive cameras and push out kittenshit edit after kittenshit edit, the Fam assembled as an organized crew, focused on outriding, outpartying, and outYOLOing this new generation of kids who only dream they were HARD AS A MOTHERFUCKER.