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The Hamilton Studio is a full service Motion Picture Production and Commercial Photography Company.

hamiltonstudio.com 509-327-9501

Dramatic story telling through the camera lens is the core mission of Hamilton Studio. Whether it’s a television commercial, an annual report, a corporate DVD, or a magazine ad, we are tasked with grabbing the audience's attention, and delivering a specific message. Our work covers a broad range of styles and technical specifications from product illustration to executive portraits, and from documentary-style filmmaking to theatrical production.

A great deal of artistry goes into the making of the thirty-second movies everyone knows as television commercials. Each member of our ‘team’ gives 100% to be sure that no matter the budget, that artistry is tapped to make each project unique and effective. The same holds true for still photography. We strive for excellence for every client. And we’re most happy when that excellence involves a little humor. It’s our specialty.

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