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Hammer & Saw is made up of William Peters, Michael Mooney and Ben Watts, who, together, began creating short films in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Their first film MOTEL was screened in festivals across the country and abroad - winning Best of Fest and Best Comedy at SNOB (Somewhat North of Boston) Film Festival and Best of Fest at Rochester International Film Festival.

Their current feature length documentary film, "100: Head/Heart/Feet" follows Ultrarunner Zak Wieluns as he attempts to run the Vermont 100 Endurance race, one of the oldest 100 mile runs in the US. The film is currently screening around the US in the festival circuit and has since received The Best Director Award at the Kingston Film Festival, as well as the Best Documentary award and Best Of Fest Award at The SNOB Film Festival.

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  1. Hi, I'm from Malaysia. I'm going to do my first Ultra - 70km on april 10th 2016. Saw this preview, really inspiring. Wish I can get cheaper to download whole story. huhu