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The first touring production of its kind, Hammerstep strives to overcome cultural and socioeconomic differences through a nuanced integration of historically rebellious forms of urban movement. This groundbreaking show integrates traditional Irish step, tap, and hip hop dance forms and presents them through cutting edge choreography, lights, and sound in a way that reinvents the typical dance show experience for an audience.

Hammerstep's entertaining yet thought-provoking movement not only elevates dance to a new level but strives to spark social change in the process. As products of the urban environment themselves, Hammerstep's founders use urban spaces as the inspirational grounds for exploring new movement and for staging social and political commentary. Through a community-driven grass roots audience base and various educational outreach dance programs, Hammerstep is utilizing the universal language of rhythm to give a voice to the next generation.


  1. Ernest Felton Baker
  2. Sarah Rinaldi
  3. Sneaky Steppers
  4. S.J. Velasquez