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Freelance Photographer
- was born in Poland (1976), then lived from 1996 to 2008 in Switzerland, were she took a Master degree in Political Sience and worked as an analyst on Palestinian refugee issues. In 2007 she decided to focus entirely on photography. A self-taught photographer, she completed her knowledge taking black & white classes at the Art School in Geneva and by training in "Actinic" (Geneva), professional laboratory specialized in black & white development. Currently the photographer lives and works as a freelance photographer in Barcelona.

At the begining of her photographic journey, the subjects of her work were strongly correlated with her socio-political interests outside Europe. Therefore some of her first projects were situated in developing countries (waste hills in Manila) or countries affected by war conflicts (Gaza Strip).

Lately the photographer is mainly interested in European societies. Her research goes towards problems such as the discriminations still remaining in the frame of the democratic system and different dysfunctions of the society model.

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