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“The photographs of Hanna Quevedo are completely magnetic. In equal parts they are intriguing, evocative, emotionally connecting and ultimately thoroughly engaging.

Hanna sees the world she inhabits as a keen observer. Her ability to move through externals to the heart of her subject is strong and direct. It is through her distinct observations that she uncovers the unusual amidst the ordinary. Her sensitivity to her surroundings, both physical and personal are evident in the way in which she sees. Observation and engagement coexist in all of Hanna’s photographs, and all contain compelling visual insights to her subjects.”

Danielle Wohl, Art Advisor
Palo Alto, CA

(Overview) Passionate professional bi-lingual (Spanish/English) freelance photographer, advertising creative executive and visual anthropologist recognized internationally for individual and group portraits exhibiting character, creativity, experimentation, social statements, music, news, fine art and extensive international travel in more than twenty countries in the past years (Europe: Holland, Germany, France, Croatia, Hungry, Check Republic, Italy, England and of course Spain; Africa: Morocco; Central America: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Cuba; Asia: China, Thailand and Malaysia; and of course in North America the U.S.A.).

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