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Just someone that loves high energy music & traveling around the world. My job satiates both my wanderlust, by taking me to new places weekly, & feeds my adrenaline cravings, by allowing me to be somewhere "off the deck" with some serious exposure. In my free time I can be found feeding my kayaking addiction, or inundating my senses with sights, sounds & vibrations. I'm no rager, rather in it for the long haul, and taking video to share with the artists gives me something fun to do... so most of these vids are from out & about.


  1. Tom Chappell
  2. Nathaniel Leonoudakis
  3. Elliott Carver
  4. Bryon Leggett
  5. Ben Stookesberry
  6. Ace Miller Productions
  7. Jason Spears
  8. Dawn Of Man
  9. Obscura Digital
  10. Light Harvest Studio - Ryan Uzi
  11. Fader
  12. overgroun
  13. Sean Lee
  14. Greg McRae
  15. Austin Nickell
  17. jay jaramillo