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Hao-Ting worked as an interaction designer on human-centered design and service design at the Service Science Research Center in Taiwan. The key project she joined, Orbi, aims to provide a ubiquitous and pleasant experience for people in the business exhibition domain.

Educated in Multimedia and Animation Art, she also has experience in interactive installations. One of her interdisciplinary projects. ‘The Blind’, was nominated for the ACM Siggraph SpaceTime Interaction competition in LA, USA, 2008.

Hao-Ting enjoys finding out what people really need in a joyful and logistical way. She intends to continue acquiring knowledge from different fields to combine with her previous experiences and skills in order to fulfill the needs of the user.

Besides interaction design, you can also find Hao-Ting reading and hiking. She learns a lot from Mother Nature and thinks the most wonderful interaction exists in the natural world.


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