Erica M. Butler, M.Ed.

Columbus, Ohio

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Erica M. Butler, M.Ed is the Founder of HappEsextalk and has provided sex education since 2005, gaining an immense amount of experience teaching sexuality related topics to a wide range of age groups.

While HappEsextalk discusses multiple sexuality related topics on this fan page, all program development and implementation works to elevate sexual empowerment, self-esteem, and body awareness within Black females and women.

Media literacy education is also a key component of HappEsextalk programming. It is essential for Black females, especially adolescents, to establish a sense of confidence in their critical analyzing skills developed through the programming. This skill development allows young girls to effectively challenge and question the hypersexualized controlling images of Black females and their sexuality in the media on a daily basis.

Becoming media literate consumers increases levels of sexual empowerment, self-esteem, and body awareness among these young Black females, which leads down the path of healthy sexual development throughout their lives.

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