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  1. super8mm

    by Filmtransfer joined

    1,784 Videos / 867 Members

    A group for us fans of 8, super8 and 16mm, basically small gauge shot on silver and not on rust. Welcome to artists, ingeneers. Film transfer only please... otherwise I will delete.

  2. Indie Films or Trailers

    by Jody Schiesser joined

    2,058 Videos / 836 Members

  3. screendance

    by shortly joined

    1,587 Videos / 800 Members

    please add any clips that you feel fall under the category of screendance. you must join the group to add films. "screendance is the term used to describe dance works made for, or presented…

  4. Short Films

    by Daniel Encinas joined

    9,255 Videos / 3,979 Members

    Group dedicated to Short Films.

  5. 16mm

    by Atreyu Holm joined

    198 Videos / 136 Members

    This is the group for 16mm filmmakers, their fans, and anyone who loves the grain.

  6. Innovate/ innovar

    by Erick Flores Garnelo joined

    5,917 Videos / 989 Members

    A space where you can show new forms of audiovisual syntax. Un espacio donde puedes mostrar nuevas formas de sintaxis audiovisual

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