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Christian | Cinematographer | Director | Filmmaker | Producer | Singer | Songwritter | Photographer | Artist and a friend...

His passion for music, photography, moving images, technology and different forms of multimedia started when he was 11 years old. In 2001 he established his own company known as gmediastudios, today Poiret Creations which provided services such as music recording production, graphic design, web sites design, music videos, Movies and 3D animation; always striving to provide the best service and quality within the resources available.

His God given talent and reputation have taken him to produce and direct in many countries such as: Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras, United States, and Mexico.

Since 2001 he has worked on projects for Christian ministries of leading artists such as Integrity Music, Rene Gonzales, Noemi y Roberto Prado, Ricardo Rodriguez, Julissa, Benjamin Rivera, Forgiven, Tony Avila, Ana Laura, Adriana Belandria, Daniela Barroso, Omar Salas, Juanpa y Lenny, Amanecer, Peter n Lili, Millie Brignoni, Hez & Co, Nancy Amancio, Integrity Latin Music, Edwin Gabriel, Jasmine Hurtado, Tito & Phase, Second Chance, Priscila Romero, Junior Marchena, Mision Divina, Boses, The Lopez Brothers, Yaissel Abreu, ASD7, Adventus, Ava, Laura Leor, Arely García, Javier Arreortúa, Oscar Ramírez, Benjamin Carballo, Xara, Melodies of hope, Duo por su amor, Vinicius Viola, Oscar Poiret, Sandy Thamas, Eleazar Meza, Becky Luna, Sandra Leor, Sara Vargas, Israel Garabito, José Ocampo, among others. Also he is the Founder of Vertice Ministries who have presence in different countries as Mexico, United States, Dominican Republic, Italy and Cuba.

Some of the videos he has produced are broadcasted in many countries through Christian television channels including, Nuevo Tiempo, Almavision, Enlace, Vida Abundante TV, Zion TV, La Cadena del Milagro, and the Gospel Channel.

He also have his own music album called "Details" you can buy this album on Itunes.

You can find a portfolio of his projects in any of the next links. There you will see a collection of his videos, graphic designs and music productions.

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