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Currently based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and open to freelance work with a view to expand my portfolio further. I am passionate about documenting the world and subjects and/or topics effectively -- whatever those topics may be in any suitable, authentic setting.


I began as a Videographer at an independent production company in Manchester called Cosmic Joke whilst the undergoing my BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies undergraduate (2010). I learned skills in film production, camera work and editing primarily on music based shoots.

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  • Tumblr - Work examples and word documentation on experiences/views.
  • Twitter - Whatever I fancy. Sometimes a bit 'out there' for some.
  • Facebook - Temporary hub for my videography and photography work: current and past.
  • Instagram - A visual diary of my life in Doncaster and beyond.
  • LinkedIn - Resume.
  • IMDB - Feature and short film credits.


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