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I'm a 100% hetero guy who gets naked a lot. I'm an art school model, and a nudist. I also get naked simply for wild and crazy events.
WARNING! My videos feature NUDITY. Specifically MALE (i.e. guy; i.e. man; i.e. penis) nudity. Even more specifically, I APPEAR NAKED IN MY VIDEOS.
I am an ART SCHOOL NUDE MODEL and a NUDIST. This site is here to feature both of those, and for no other purpose. I hide nothing. If I begin with my clothes on in a video, I will have taken all my clothes off by the end.
YOU ARE WARNED! If you watch my videos, you will see my everything.
ALSO! Be aware! You will not see anyone else naked. If you're looking for naked women, look elsewhere. I will not post anybody else naked without permission, and I do not have permission. Yes, I have photos and videos that include nude women; no, I won't post them.


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