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HART CULTUREC .I.C. was established to ‘Inspire Excellence In The Arts Through Local Communities’.
To date HC has literally ‘Transformed 1000’s of lives and helped to prepare hearts and minds for acceptance
and love for the ‘self’again. How? Our ‘Reach’ & International Community is growing through Social Media where 3 - 4 people join the Hart Culture network every day. 2 - 3 Black Businesses sign up for Hart Culture C.I.C.

We aim to increase our International Business Membership per week. What does this mean? People are ‘Awakening’, and putting their natural God-given abilities to +Positive uses. Award winning personalities & Start-ups in the Diaspora are working directly within the Community to deliver Oustanding Products & Services specifically designed to serve the Community - A major shift in collective Consciousness!
All we need is 441 Pledges to ensure that we put ‘Positive Black Consciousness’ at the H[e]art
of the Community again.

Pledge the Divine sum of :£21 to establish the perfect Foundation and conditions for Black Businesses to flourish in the UK & Worldwide With Thanks, Always

Ms Chermiah.A.S.Omo Tokunbo Hart FdA BA (Hons)
- CEO, President - Hart Culture International

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