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Harts Ortiz

"Photographer. Artist. Dream Builder."

Since picking up his first professional camera, Harts Ortiz has become a photographer for the New York Times and popular magazines such as Elle and Maxim. He has worked with multiple celebrity clients including rapper Eminem, pop-star Avril Lavigne and Hot-97 DJ Funk Flex. His work, however, is not limited to the famous but rather he brings the modeling experience to clients from all walks of life.

An artist of many mediums, Harts has been producing new, different and emotionally instilled images since childhood. Each creation has a touch of the world of New York hip-hop which Harts has been acquainted with all his life. He graduated top-of-his-class at Katherine Gibbs College where he developed his skills of both graphic design and photography. The innovations that arise from combining these artistic backgrounds has led to Harts’s images being unlike any other.

As founder and C.E.O. of HartBass, Harts seeks to bridge artistic worlds and create memorable experiences for all clients. Every photo-shoot is hands-on and personally
directed by Harts himself. He provides professional quality photos and photo-designs to his non-professional models. Harts’ aim is to make each client experience the sensation of being a star. These personal touches make an experience with HartBass unique and the photos that result timeless pieces of beauty.

With Harts Ortiz, you can guarantee to have some “Hart” put into each and every photo-shoot.

Email him: Harts830@gmail.com

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