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Is this the part where I talk about video? Well I bought my first camcorder at an airport in 2004, almost missed my flight, used it for a bit, more as a toy for a couple of months. Tried a couple of things, gigs and home videos. I have been trying to learn how you're supposed to edit video (using Premiere). I still have my Canon MV630i, but now that I have the bug I'm looking for something with a better spec. In 2009 I bought a Panasonic NV-GS500, a better camera and widescreen 16:9, still standard definition mini-DV with lots of auto settings so need to figure out what I can control and how it works, hopefully record something worth watching, and get more into editting. Go to less gigs, a bit older, found video useful for checking my technique at the gym though.


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