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Hatch Films is a UK based, boutique, film and television production company, developing a slate of unique and creatively accomplished projects. Using fresh talent and ideas as a starting point, Hatch Films takes them further, relying on its team of filmmaking professionals, towards accomplished, commercially successful productions.

Hatch Films’ interest is in original and engaging story-telling, centred on compelling characters, with European flavour.

Hatch Films is the ideal partner for European co-production, having connections and in-depth knowledge of Romanian, European, American and British production support, finance and film/TV markets.


  1. greenhouse
  2. Fadi Hindash
  3. Yasmin Tukmachi
  4. yariv mozer
  5. Stefan Rotaru
  6. Paul Moody
  7. Rajinder Kochar
  8. R
  9. Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva
  10. Sharron Ward
  11. Morgan Peline
  12. Natalie Sloan
  13. Nick Scott
  14. Nicolai Amter
  15. Mona V
  16. Miikka Leskinen
  17. 7th Heaven Films - Our Expertise
  18. Comanescu SRL

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