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I am a visual and interdisciplinary performance artist, who constructs visual narratives, spectacles, and installations, centered on seemingly “weird” people that illuminate something essential about contemporary life. My performances have toured throughout the United States, Canada, and Edinburgh; and my installations have been featured in SCAR OF VISIBILITY: MEDICAL PERFORMANCES AND CONTEMPORARY ART, and WOMEN AND PERFORMANCE: A JOURNAL OF FEMINIST THEORY.

My latest performance and installation in progress, OBJECT OF HER AFFECTION, focuses on a woman who falls in love with inanimate objects, and her lifelong search for love that is just outside her reach. I am exploring the synesthetic relationship between objects and personalities as they collide through the eyes of an Object Sexual, and ways that objects can occupy more than one meaning at any given time. OBJECT OF HER AFFECTIONis a visual narrative about human beings – flesh and blood – developing intimate relationships with inanimate things. I want to show the duality of objects as (in)/animate: animate through the eyes of Andrea, the figure I embody, while these same objects appear inanimate to most. Only through the filter of Andrea is the viewer able to see objects as sentient.

In my art practice I create hand-made spectacles. In recent years, my practice has integrated performing objects, especially cutouts, puppets, pop-ups, elaborate costumes, and other visual elements to create a time-based visual /narrative form, like film with its own inherent metaphors. This extension of my prior two and three-dimensional figurative work is one that I’ve barely scratched the surface of. With each new work, I am gaining more knowledge and confidence about working in these forms. I have a belief in the potential of these puppets and objects to illuminate the ideas that are pushing me forward, and to collide with the content, to serve as both a commentary and compassionate look at the fringes of our shared world.

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