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We hope you enjoy these short movies made for our annual Hawks Nest Film Fest and other footage foraged from our farm. Visit our film fest blog here: hawksnestfilmfest.blogspot.com.

You can see some of our more recent movies at youtube.com/hawksnestfilmfest

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  1. Bianca Giaever
  2. caleb wood
  3. Su Lee
  4. michelle brost
  5. Erez Horovitz

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  1. Great to see the Arthur video here, Mark! It's great! So nice to meet you at Win/Arthurs. Thanks for taking the time to talk about some of your other work. You can visit some of our family's other videos at our vimeo site and at youtube.com/hawksnestfilmf
  2. Hawks Nest Farm commented on Stay Home
    Beautiful Caleb...when I saw the fireflies, I gasped. Great job!
  3. its a humbling and joyful effort in every sense...the country/city metaphors art, the music, the movie, the message...everything! thanks for sharing your art with the world! I wish you the very best!