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In 1996 on Sydney’s northern beaches, Hayden Cox shaped his first string of surfboards from his parent’s backyard for himself, school friends and a few local surfers. Slapped on the top right of each sled, was an ill-formed HS symbol that was soon defined into a well-rounded logo, thus a brand was created.

Determined to build a craft that glided at a more rapid pace, was more durable yet lightweight, came the invention of surfboard technology FutureFlex (formally known as FibreFlex). The custom surfboard design, which is shaped out of high density EPS foam with a parabolic carbon fiber frame, creates a high energy, rapid spring back resulting in ultimate speed and drive.

After taking the new concept for a test drive in the surf, within
the hour Hayden was back in the factory researching a patent. It wasn’t long before FutureFlex caught the attention of major players in the surfing arena, now listing brand giants from the likes Lost, Channel Islands, Rusty, DHD, Chilli as shapers on the tech.
Craig Anderson riding Haydenshapes (FutureFlex) Hypto Krypto, 2012
Fast-forward to 2012, Haydenshapes Surfboards is stocked in 72 countries worldwide through the world’s largest surfboard distribution powerhouse, Global Surf Industries. Not to mention, Haydenshapes’ solid team of influential team riders that encompass and personify the brands unique and original identity in the world of surf locally and internationally.

Inspired by art, design, aesthetics and technical innovation, Haydenshapes’ detailed construction of each individual craft has garnered a cult following with models Psychedelic Germ, Hypto Krypto and The Shred Sled recognized far and wide.

The distinctive shapes and designs across the entire board range have been ridden and loved by some of the most elite surfers around the globe, including industry veteran and world champion surfer Tom Carroll and legend in the making Craig Anderson.

With a large focus on innovative performance boards, Haydenshapes aims to construct and provide premium performance designs that are fun, easy to surf and bring high levels of “froff” after each session.

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