Kristen Chenoweth and 10yr old Hayleigh Jusas sing "For Good"

Kristen Chenoweth and 10yr old Hayleigh Jusas sing "For Good"

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Cindy marsh

That's Hayleigh. Confident and charismatic !

Gini & Ron

Absolutely beautiful!!! She is on the road to stardom! We are so very proud of her!

Linda Sbarra


Linda Folise

Hayleigh is a star!! So proud of her!

Brandon Jusas

Kristen Chenoweth said "Holy Crap" enough said!

familia gallego

She is the best omg go Hayleigh Xoxox

Geraldine Bergin

Unbelievable!! We've all been changed for the better!!!!! Love you xxxx

Julia O'Leary

SOO PROUD OF YOU HAY !!! love you! xoxo

Patrice Hilepo

Wow. That was incredible!!!!!!!anyone who can share a song with Kristen Chenoweth is a star!!!

Peggy White

Yeah Hayleigh!!!! She picked the right person when she picked you!! Sooo talented and sweet! Congrats!!

Ann Popielaski

And the title of the song and just everything about Hayleigh- just really, really good :)


Brava, Brave, Bravasimo!!! rules the stage. I loved it.

Marion Knott

My god daughter's daughter and she brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

Kathy Weber

How fabulous!! & how exciting!! Hayleigh you are a professional !!


So proud of our talented granddaughter, love you

Fran DeAngelis

You are such a beautiful angel!!! I love you with all my heart!!! All of heaven smiled today! God bless you sweetheart. Sophia was sooooooo happy to see you so happy! XXOO

laura dorsey

Hayleigh what a star brought us to tears what a great moment for you and your Family


I'm Smiling through my tears. Princess You Are Amazing!!
WoW singing with Kristen!

Sherry Bell

Sweet, beautiful & talented...perfection.
Love you all.

Danielle O'Leary

Hayleigh you are just amazing! You never cease to amaze me with your talent, poise, confidence and maturity! Congrats on every level you were BORN for this! In life there are no coincidences, only seized opportunities. I love you so very much and you hold a special place in our hearts!
Love you, the O'Learys xoxox

Barbara Schneider

A future Broadway star is born. Beautiful voice and stage presence.
Way to go Hayleigh.

Rathburn Family

Because we know you ... Great job little lady!!!


How beautiful and what a charismatic little lady ,, God BLESS you !


This little girl is amazing. I can def see her being the next big star. Her voice is so big for her little body and she seems so comfortable in the spotlight. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future

Gina Riordan

Amazing! Love Hayleigh voice!!! She sounds so natural, like this is her calling. Best of luck, she is amazing!!! Congrats!

Ana Maria

What a beautiful and talented young lady. Best of Luck!!!

colleen sorrentino

This was amazing, what a beautiful voice! Amazing!!!!!!!

Caitlin and Beirne Family

Amazing job Hayleigh! You were fantastic! We are so happy for you :)


I saw Hayleigh perform as Annie at a local theater house. she was AMAZING !!!! she absolutely stole the show. then to see her on stage with Kristen Chenoweth....she proved she can completely hold her own......when can we see Hayleigh again?????

susanne buck


Aunt Anita

Fantastic, an upcoming star on the horizon.

Beth Junz

Amazing job, as usual, Hayleigh!!! You are so poised and beautiful!!! What a wonderful moment for you to be singing with Kristen Chenoweth!!!

Becky Reilly

I can't stop smiling. Amazing voice and Lisa's reactions were the best! We all feel so proud!


This video id fantastic..Hayleigh has an awesome voice. Totally can see her singing on the Great White Way!!!


Awesome job !!!!


So proud to have Hayleigh in our cast of Seussical. You go girl. You got to perform with one of my favorite performers. Love you too Kristen

Robin jhaveri

What a talented young lady with an amazing gift. Would love to hear more of her music. She has the potential to go far.

Tricia Dungca

What a beautiful voice and natural performer! Well done!

Maria Perisa

So beautiful! So talented!!!! :)

Marion Richardson

That was amazing!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!


Hayleigh, I love you! I listen to this song every morning with my coffee. I am brimming with pride as I watch you perform. May the Lord Jesus grant you your every wish!

Larisa (Daniel's mom

Hayleigh, you are so talented and it was absolutely stunning!


Absolutely amazing! Hayleigh, because I know you I'm changed for the better. You are one of a kind! Sweet, humble, and truly gifted! Keep going for it beauty! Love you!!

Alicia DeBlasio

You are simply amazing Hayleigh. Poised and talented beyond your years! I am so proud of you. Everytime I hear you sing brings me to tears of joy! xoxo

misty mccreary

oh my goodness, Hayleigh is wonderful !!! Where did that wonderful voice come from? She is fabulous ! I want to hear more. How can I hear more from her? Her range is incredible. Her clarity is amazingly on target. WOW !!!

Ben Mc Creary

Hayleigh is Good. She even knew the song! How cool is that? Cant wait to hear more from her in the future.

Sheila Baley

Oh my gosh! I love Wicked and this song. Hayleigh (what a cool name by the way) is so amazing! This makes me just want to see Wicked again!

Pat McAllen

Whoa! Best rendition I've heard in a while

Holly McCreary

Wow, Hayleigh! You rock! Can't wait to buy your album ;)

Anita Drouin

What talent! Awesome performance! Keep smiling and singing :)

linda sbarra

can't stop watching it - a month later - Simply wonderful! Hayleigh has cast a magical spell with her beautiful voice and above all - with her grace! God bless you, Hayleigh!

Darlene Glasser

Hayleigh, you are so beautiful through and through! Your soul shines as you connect through your warm smile and your amazing voice. So beautiful! I'm in tears! Shine on precious girl! You are a bright star!

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