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My name is Gabriel HAZE and I am a multimedia designer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Design as well as an extensive educational background in Film Science. Since my graduation from college in 2010, I have earned over forty awards worldwide for my film and design work including six first place awards in editing and direction alone.

My passions lie heavily in branding and image development, illustration, package design and music video production. Much of my design work is influenced by high contrast, vivid color as well as modern industrial shapes and textures. My film work shows a great deal of emotionally charged imagery and highly skilled editing due to my innate ability to feel the mood and flow of transition.

Over the years I have mentored as a peer counselor for GLBT youth at local community centers and enjoy collaborating with local artists by providing help with branding and music video productions.

My Specialties Include:
-Concept Development
-Brand Development
-Graphic & Multimedia Design
-Video Production including:
Direction, Editing & Motion Graphics
-Web Design & Development
-Typography & Page Layout
-Package Design
-Motion Graphics
-3D Modeling (3DS Maxx / Vectorworks)
-Event Planning

In addition, I spend my free time working hard to bring many of my television and film projects to fruition, one of which includes a multiple-award winning, post-apocalyptic, supernatural television series/film trilogy concept titled "After The Third" ( and I am currently in the middle of completing my first literary anthology.

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