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The focus of the ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel is to honour God by fulfilling the mission the Lord gave His followers to make disciples, baptize the disciples and teach them to follow His ways. Matthew 28:19-20

Our obedience to the Lord's command is revealed in our lives as we worship Christ, walk with Him, and work for Him.

We believe the disciples of Jesus Christ should minister to one another in the local church. It's not about one or a small number of pastors bearing total responsibility to care for the entire congregation. It's about all disciples using their God-given spiritual gifts to provide mutual ministry in the context of the vibrant and strong local church. Ephesians 4:11-12

Harvest Bible Chapel offers an array of opportunities for every disciple to grow in relationship to Jesus Christ and connect with others. These opportunities include dynamic weekend worship services and church-wide special events as well as a variety of adult, high school, junior high school and children's ministries involving classes, Small Groups and fellowshipping activities.

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