Holly Winn

Orange County, Calif.

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Social Media Manager at MoreYellow and Founder of Vortex Entertainment Group.

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  • MoreYellow - Digital Campaign Agency
  • Howww - Howww Awards for Digital Media
  • Vortex E.G. - Vortex Entertainment Group (E.G.) is an entertainment marketing and talent development company for artists, musicians, filmmakers, comedians, and game designers.


  1. Clockwork VFX
  2. hadrien bennehard
  3. Mathieu Gérard
  4. Francisco Garcia
  5. Justin Burks
  6. Lee Howell Photography/Retoucher
  7. Alexia Sinclair
  8. Vancouver Film School
  9. Aardman Nathan Love
  10. Sharkmotion
  11. Xavier Pablo Sintas
  12. Luis Miguel Mejía Gómez
  13. Video Jeeves
  14. kotoc
  15. BonnieandtheLoricat
  16. Nki
  17. Quentin Haberham
  18. Teal and Orange

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  1. Nice! You should submit for a Howww award at howww.com.