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I began my career in 1984 as a freelance tv commercial producer after working 10 years in professional audio engineering and contracting. My first video piece was for ABC Wide World of Sports followed by working as a free lance commercial producer which led to be be employed by Storer Cable Communications to help launch a national pilot program for local commercial insertion into network programming, producing 150 commercials. Early in my commercial production career I broke many of the industry traditions at the time, influenced by The Monkees videos, editing to the beat, fast cuts, and developing the "swish-pan" which was immediately recognized by MTV. Recognition came, with an offer to move to New York to produce commercials for Cadillac, which I turned down due to family demands.

Two years later I moved to New York to direct and produce a half hour daily talk show program for a large teen ministry which aired in 35 markets and was carried on TBS, and BET. I also managed the studio operation there.

Following New York I worked twice for NBC, did a variety of free lance projects, provided support to broadcasters and production companies, and owned and or operated several television stations, worked for several ministries, and helped launch several television networks.

In 2010 I returned to free lance video production under the name HD Texas, shooting for many clients including CBS, Citysearch.com, Kudzu and producing videos for Texas country artists, Neil Austin Imber, and Jon Brewer.

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