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Alexander Rios aka Tha Future was born July 1, 1987 in Manhattan, NY. Growing up in New York City until the age of 12, Tha Future became exposed to all different kinds of music including Hip-Hop, 80's Freestyle, house music, as well as spanish music, which directly reflects in all of his work. As most people growing up in the projects, Tha Future saw, heard, and endured many things that many may choose not to experience. Although Tha Future doesn't attribute struggling and living in the projects as a basis for his music, he feels it made him stronger as a person to learn from his environment and grow. At the age of 12, Tha Future and his family moved to a rural part of Northeastern Pennsylvania, particularly in the Canton area. Most might say it was a "culture shock", but Tha Future used it to his advantage bringing the culture of Hip-Hop to an area that was never exposed to it. At first, many people despised him and his family, but few saw what potential Tha Future had. With those few, he then set the foundation for what is now Get Fresh Records. Owning his own DJ comany at the age of 16, formerly Revolution Entertainment, he used this as a medium to grow a fanbase. At the age of 17, Tha Future shot his first music video to his first single featuring a close friend and business partner, Psych, under the Get Fresh Records imprint. This was for his senior project, but then became what is now known as "viral". After word got around, Tha Future thrived for a larger stage. He and Psych then teamed up with Mo'Vibes Entertainment, which helped open many doors for his career to promote and perform everywhere and anywhere he could. In 2009, Tha Future then released his first solo mixtape entitled Tha World is Mine, which grew attention from Elmira, NY's own Big Muny Muzik. The two companies teamed up and performed many places, and released a pile of music, thus helping Tha Future futher his career and exposure. Then in 2010, Tha Future moved to Williamsport, PA and welcomed his first-born into the world. He continued to work when he had the chance, but ultimately ushered in a brief layoff. HD is back and has now partnered up with Williamsport's own Dyhard Entertainment on a joint venture deal, as well as signing as a Dyhard artist. Now with all the chips on the table, HD Tha Future is back to claim his spot as "Numero Uno". Get Fresh Records is back, and with Dyhard on board, Tha Future is Here...

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