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Extensive experience in producing, directing, shooting and editing corporate and business documentaries for sales and marketing, product introductions, and consumer relation presentations. In most of this work I have been the lead producer/director and/or designer of the project working closely with executive clients, advertising and marketing representatives to effectively guide and shape the work and finished production. I find that my deep experience and collaborative working skills in seeing and steering projects in their entirely from concept, design into production from both a creative an technical vantage has made a great success in my considerable and diverse body of work
I am experienced in both scripted and documentary productions. The documentary projects I have been assigned to were done in the field both here in the U.S. and internationally. In these productions I believe much of my success in creating a piece was thinking and taking a unique approach to the subject. I am always guided with a natural curiosity compelling me to understand not only a product, a goal, a business, or a moment of interest but to interpret the personalities behind them. Doing so allowed me to clearly and creatively communicate those elements to create a story with intelligence, wit and humanity. To both enlighten and entertain an audience I think are great and valuable tools in any presentation no matter the media or venue,.
Along with my Producer/Director talents and experience I am an accomplished videographer and as well as video editor with extensive experience working with Avid, Media 100 and Apple's FCP. As a post production supervisor I'm familiar with and understand the various workflows involved with motion picture, SD & HD post. I also possess a strong background in audio and graphic post production.

Benefited by my experience I take pride in my professionalism and strive to have that reflected in all my work. I am a very creative, reliable and organized team player and heck of a nice guy to work with.


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